Monday, December 31, 2012


a few iphone snaps taken over the last week.

well, adios 2012!! this last week with you has been a memorable one...

Sunday, December 30, 2012


oh hello..!

we've been enjoying a wonderful relaxing crazy, hectic christmas holiday with these two littles completely wearing us out.. especially daddy.. he's not used to the non-stop go go go pace of a toddler and baby oh how things have changed! but as he said this evening.. he'd do this holiday all over again in a heartbeat :)

..we've enjoyed friends, good food (lots of), coffee dates, music, hikes and some good old christmas tv...

here are a few moments from our christmas morning. we were late risers and spent most of the day slowly but surely opening.. and playing with all of roo's gifts and skyping with family.. then when it got dark we had a stroll around the neighborhood to check out the christmas lights. oh and benji began teething (too soon too soon!!) argh, what a christmas gift.

hope you have had a wonderful, joyus christmas time x

 christmas is not christmas without christmas socks from gran

 chomp chomp chomp


Saturday, December 22, 2012


how is it saturday eve and only two days until christmas day already?! 2012 you have really zoomed by. this time last year we were in south africa, and that certainly does not seem like a whole year ago!

we've been enjoying feeling extra christmassy with the recent snow here, but to be honest it was only 'nice' snow for a day or two.. it's more slushy/icy/ treacherous now.. so i'm hoping that either it gets rained away or some more 'nice' snow falls in the next few days.. just in time to make it a white christmas.

these are some shots of fun times we had in the snow earlier in the week..

..two days 'till christmas.. really?! :D

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


..and lots of it..
pretty much snowed in up here today :D

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


so my laptop decided to give up on life yesterday.. thus the monday montage arrives on tuesday. the expert is on the case, but in the meantime i'm giving posting from my phone a go for the first time.. so watch out.. something crazy might happen :)

..sad i may seem but a highlight of last week was benji in denim.. I pulled out a bag of roo's 3-6 month clothes and have been enjoying revisiting the cuteness of all roo's little outfits. but the jeans are the best.

roo and i had our now weekly little date at the canyon lights.. this time we got to enjoy a really cool fiddle band, glass blowing and a hot choc together under the twinkly lights.

we met roo's buddy's new baby sister, only 2 days old soo tiny and making benji look biiig!

ol successfully completed his avalanche course over the weekend and while he was doing that we did a lot of baking, crafting and had a few wintery walks. we also visited lonsdale quay market, which is really pretty at christmas. our lovely friend was selling her 'simple soap' there on sunday so we went to say hi...not easy a whole weekend without any husband.. i don't know how single mothers do it. respect.

cedar fully appreciated his new mac-in-a-pack waterproof jacket.. which was supposed to be for christmas.. we spent some time helping to try and find a friend's missing dog, he is a tracking dog who hunted down and found another previously missing pup but then somehow got lost himself.. argh crazy story.

i've finally got hold of the part i needed for the stroller so that roo and benji can travel together. i'll be testing that out tomorrow... excited to potentially be able to run with the stroller again.. if I can keep roo in long enough..