Friday, November 30, 2012


christmas gets me in the mood for a doing little craft projects, but i never actually do any. however! this year, now roo is of crafting age, i'm excited to have a big reason to get crafty and also to begin making some cool christmas family traditions and memories.

...i have a few ideas for crafts to do in december and also yesterday i came across a great idea for an advent calendar on one of my favorite blogs, so this morning i decided we would go and gather our materials and get crafting...

considering its dec 1 tomorrow (whoah) we decided to start on the advent calendar first. it's a lovely idea.. you make 25 little envelopes and peg them (with mini numbered pegs) to a line of string on a wall... you then write little notes to put in the envelopes for a christmas activity you will do that day.. you can see the full instructions at 'the little red house' blog here

it turned out that i was more into this craft than roo was.. (hmm maybe 2 year old boys like more physical crafts?!) although he did like playing with the pegs.. and the scissors... and glue eek. hopefully he will like it tomorrow when we open the li'l envelope and he finds out we're going to see some christmas lights to kick off day 1.

here is our calendar all ready to go...

and here's a little teaser of some christmas card shots i have been lining up today :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012


we hung out at the mall this morning... still fighting off this treacherous laser throat bug so no playgroups for us until everyone is fighting fit again.

malls are usually pretty fun at christmas (if you can ignore the ugly consumerism) the lights, displays and decorations and the smell of gifts in the air.. a warm and welcoming haven from the winter weather too :)

so while running around after roo we came across santa in his grotto.. do you know people pay to take their pets to see santa and get a professional photo taken with him?! crazy..

i wasn't planning on taking roo to 'see' santa (he was more interested in reverse engineering the christmas tree lights and watching the christmas grinch movie on the grotto tv) but as it happened mister santa emerged for a while so i encouraged roo to go say hi as it would potentially be a cute photo op... roo was unfortunately, but understandably creeped out by the old 'christmas tree man'.. so i didn't push it..

keep your distance santa! i think this pic is better than the one i would have got had he not have been creeped out!

don't mind the reindeer hat though :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


happy! :D

not so happy :(

i find that being mama to a 2 year old and 3 month old is full of excruciatingly frustrating moments and amazingly wonderful moments... and that it can switch from one to another in a matter of seconds!

although some days it seems like there are way more of the frustrating difficult moments i was thinking today (as it was indeed one of 'those' days!) that both are special, precious.. and to be savored and cherished as they will indeed be missed and treasured one day.

..a bit like those crazy things that happen in life and seem terrible at the time, but when you look back years later you have a good laugh.

it's so true that nothing worth having comes easy... and babies are definitely worth having!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


little snookums is 3 months old today. wow.

cool things he can now do...

smile like crazy
coo/try to talk to us
temporarily grasp objects
look like he might roll over soon
sleep for 6+ hours at night

we love you little one!

Monday, November 26, 2012


a few iphone snaps taken over the last week.

my poor boys (and even me who hardly ever gets sick) have been battling a case of the winter sniffles this last week, and so we've been laying low to some extent.. i find that very hard to do actually.. i always feel as if it's better for mental and therefore physical health to get out in the fresh air.. especially when it beautiful and sunny like it has been this weekend... but i guess i need to realize there are times when laying low is the best option, especially to give little bodies chance to recover. so the weekend has consisted mainly of christmas movies and snuggling :) we did get out on a great hike on sat thankfully though (see previous post).

during our weekly routine, roo and i have got into a bit of a habit of somehow arriving at the coffee shop every day after the morning's activity.. it's pretty fun actually. roobs gets a hot chocolate and i get my much needed caffeine fix, win win. our favorite hang out at the moment is cafe for contemporary art. great coffee, interesting art, funky chairs... and a kids area. i like this place! it's also walking distance from ol's work so we can meet up for lunch now and again.

prior to the coughs and sniffles taking over around the weekend a few highlights for us were fun had by roo messing about in a rather deep puddle.. the big weekly grocery shop, which has become a lot easier now that we have discovered kids get a free cookie from the bakery (haha who am i?!). roo busting into the christmas display/santa area at the mall that wasn't open yet and i couldn't get him back.

it was also ol's christmas work 'do' on friday and a rare chance for us to get all dressed up and enjoy a night out together... without the kids! this was really the biggest highlight of the week but.. unfortunately we totally forgot to get any pictures of ourselves in our finery.. seriously!! it will be another a year again before we see ourselves looking that good! darn.

benji (although sniffly) is doing great, he is seriously such a smiler and cracks me up
 all the time with his big grins.

in other big news, super star roo has been without a diaper for a week now and he has been doing so well. he's totally cracked it at home and does fine with reminders when we're out. nice work roobs! x

Sunday, November 25, 2012


this weekend was u.s. thanksgiving and although we’re in canada some of the thankfulness does leak over the border in the way of rather nice shopping sales (60% discount at gap thank you very much) and after a beautiful sunny weekend i also find myself reminded and thankful for the gorgeous place we live.. the mountains, the forest, the ocean..

..and of course i’m so thankful i get to share it all with my boys, all four of them. :)

the pics are from a li’l stroll we took on saturday. enjoy!