Friday, November 30, 2012


christmas gets me in the mood for a doing little craft projects, but i never actually do any. however! this year, now roo is of crafting age, i'm excited to have a big reason to get crafty and also to begin making some cool christmas family traditions and memories.

...i have a few ideas for crafts to do in december and also yesterday i came across a great idea for an advent calendar on one of my favorite blogs, so this morning i decided we would go and gather our materials and get crafting...

considering its dec 1 tomorrow (whoah) we decided to start on the advent calendar first. it's a lovely idea.. you make 25 little envelopes and peg them (with mini numbered pegs) to a line of string on a wall... you then write little notes to put in the envelopes for a christmas activity you will do that day.. you can see the full instructions at 'the little red house' blog here

it turned out that i was more into this craft than roo was.. (hmm maybe 2 year old boys like more physical crafts?!) although he did like playing with the pegs.. and the scissors... and glue eek. hopefully he will like it tomorrow when we open the li'l envelope and he finds out we're going to see some christmas lights to kick off day 1.

here is our calendar all ready to go...

and here's a little teaser of some christmas card shots i have been lining up today :)

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