Thursday, November 29, 2012


we hung out at the mall this morning... still fighting off this treacherous laser throat bug so no playgroups for us until everyone is fighting fit again.

malls are usually pretty fun at christmas (if you can ignore the ugly consumerism) the lights, displays and decorations and the smell of gifts in the air.. a warm and welcoming haven from the winter weather too :)

so while running around after roo we came across santa in his grotto.. do you know people pay to take their pets to see santa and get a professional photo taken with him?! crazy..

i wasn't planning on taking roo to 'see' santa (he was more interested in reverse engineering the christmas tree lights and watching the christmas grinch movie on the grotto tv) but as it happened mister santa emerged for a while so i encouraged roo to go say hi as it would potentially be a cute photo op... roo was unfortunately, but understandably creeped out by the old 'christmas tree man'.. so i didn't push it..

keep your distance santa! i think this pic is better than the one i would have got had he not have been creeped out!

don't mind the reindeer hat though :)

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