Wednesday, December 12, 2012


roo loves lights.. like really loves them.. but even more than lights, he loves figuring out how they work and how to turn them on and off...

in this picture roo is holding what remains of a torch (a 'flashlight' to you north americans), it was a fancy pants torch that flashed at different speeds and it's handle glowed blue.. it even had a whistle on the end. i say 'was' as roo here managed to completely take the whole thing apart, right down to the little circuit board and light bulbs, which he has here in his hands. i love his super concentrated expression.. he's just soo into it!

luckily this torch did actually belong to him, and it does still work, i just need to find all of the pieces and put it back together again.

as you can imagine he's delighted at this time of year with so many christmas lights on display.. the best recently was when we drove past a construction site and witnessed a crane (another of his favorite things at the moment) lit up with fairy lights for christmas. almost too much excitement to handle!

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