Thursday, December 6, 2012


here's what i've found... if my day's not going so good, no matter how tired i am and no matter how much it's raining, a run in the trails never fails to fix me up.. see that big cheesy smile on my face there?! it was not present earlier in the day ..not that anything bad happened, but i was just not as happy as i was after a run in the forest with my pooch.

i love this stroller (the chariot cougar 2) for running in the trails. i've got roo snug as a bug in there (wearing ol's beanie as of today), we headed out during his nap time so he wouldn't be making a fuss and wanting to GET OUT. the stroller is actually a double so there's room for benji too.. i need to get hold of the 'infant sling' part asap so he can come along for the ride.

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