Saturday, December 8, 2012


usually, i can't get roo to keep a hat on for more than 5 seconds, but he has decided that his daddy's old beanie is just super cool and wants to wear it whenever we go out... today daddy was out practicing some back-country ski touring and maybe he would have liked to have had his beanie! but roo had already swiped it before he left.. oops.

in the first 3 shots roo is singing 'breathing underwater' by metric, he likes to belt out the "is this my LIFE.. OH OH OHHHH" part very loudly.. he seems to know all the lyrics somehow, beats us as to how!!? the only place he can have picked it up is from the radio when we're in the car. so funny.

today, as you can see, was rather pleasant.. sunny skies and snowy mountains in the distance... i kinda want the snow to come down a few more meters to our yard so we can build snowmen, igloos(?!) and have snowball fights and such like... a snowy christmas would be nice too.. :)

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