Monday, December 3, 2012


a few iphone snaps taken over the last week.

wandering the streets at night during the christmas season when all the houses are lit is a special treat, it's so welcoming and festive. there was an extra special night last week when i was wandering with cedar and a glowing, fat, full moon was out too. beau-ti-ful.

...we took our car in for a service last week and whilst running around like crazy that morning to get everyone ready to drop it off on time, i somehow put two odd, left foot shoes on roo.. how how how did i not notice that i was doing this?! i did not in fact notice until we had dropped off the car and arrived at the mall (which is where we were going to wait for a couple of hours until the car was ready). i usually have a spare pair of shoes or boots in the car, but as we were now in the van he had to make do with two left feet! i actually considered buying him more shoes at the mall but it didn't seem to bother him at all.. in fact he was running away from me all morning.. more than usual.. better not do that again then.

stillll fighting off our very friendly winter bug (who is really overstaying his welcome to be honest), so we were mostly hermits last week... we went for coffee's and hot chocolates after walking in the rain.. cow came too.. we went christmas craft shopping and we decked our halls, snuggled by the tree and got festive with U2... and benji started holding stuff :)

then, this evening (as per our advent calendar's instructions for today), we headed to the capilano suspension bridge and to see the amazing (one month only) 'canyon lights' display. wow. it was actually quite rad. this place is literally eight minutes drive from our house so i think we'll be going back a lot more this month as they have christmas crafts and stuff going on for littles.. and a coffee shop... and cedar is even allowed to come along thus meaning the three vital boxes are pretty much ticked...
  1. kid entertained
  2. dog entertained
  3. caffeine
hope you had a good week too :)

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