Monday, December 10, 2012


a few iphone snaps taken over the last week.

happy monday! man! i am loving this run up to christmas...

weekend dinners with friends.. gateau aux noisettes (3 ingredients, hazelnuts, egg, sugar!), gingerbread loaf and peppermint tea.

hiding little gifts and stocking stuffers in odd places.. hoping i can find them again!

a new amp that has been mystifying the boys but promises to make our christmas music and movies more magical.. and maybe our upstairs neighbors mad!

roo.. loves his daddy :) being a helpful big brother (in his own special 2 year old way) riding the grocery cart, singing songs, matching hats with ol (we found another old stripey beanie) and choosing pb&j sandwiches over 'spicy' sushi (because daddy dipped his roll in the wasabi).
benji.. chewing on fists, beaming smiles for everyone.. especially his tweety bird... rocking the winter bear onesie.
cedar.. stealing stuffies.. usually the cat from gran, sneaking on the sofa, itching his face on the christmas tree and having his girlfriend come over for dinner.

ol got a bit of practice in on his backcountry ski touring set up on saturday and now he's looking forward to the avalanche course next weekend, we're hoping this is going to be something we can do as a family once the littles are a little less little. it looks like a lot of fun..

my camera.. can i use the word 'love' about a camera?! well that's where it's headed. fast.

so, we're all more or less 100% healthy and well now, it has been one seriously looong fight with this bug! it's not like we've been feeling super terrible all the time but it's just been lingering lingering lingering.. i'm not one to be a hypochondriac and i do believe that exposure to bugs is beneficial for immunity, but i really don't want benji to catch anything serious (or anything at all to be honest) when he's so little, thus we've really been careful not to expose ourselves to anything else i.e. playgroups and other kids... not until we've gotten over this one anyway.. we might start re-joining toddler civilization later this week, otherwise roo's bf really is going to be cedar!

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