Saturday, January 26, 2013


so the location of these pics may look at little familiar.. but hey, it's our favorite place right now! this was on friday, which was pleasantly surprisingly sunny and dry(ish). we we took great advantage of it and played around all morning, not getting home until around 3pm. benji slept most of this time and has since been making up for it by not napping at all!

lots of boy things to be seen here... sticks, rocks, muddy puddles, sitting in mud, rolling down hills (really funny), throwing rocks down hills, hitting rocks down hills with sticks :)

spot roo ..!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


so roo has been following in daddy's footsteps/rock shoes/ski boots lately, it's so fun now he's getting older and to an age where he can start having a go at this stuff! he's usually very keen... and very serious and concentrated about it. the best was his little skis that we picked up from the MEC.. they had his name on them!! really it says 'rookie' but the 'roo' is on one ski and the 'kie' on the other, so cute.

i think it's awfully easy to 'encourage' (push?) kiddos in certain directions when they're this age, and put your 'thing' onto them. i think ol and i are really aware of this fact and just want to encourage the boys to be themselves more than anything. who knows what they'll be naturally passionate about when they're older.. if it's not skiing and rock climbing then that's totally fine with us!! as long as it's not watching TV all day.. or playing video games all day... hrmmm.

Monday, January 21, 2013


if you know me, you will know this.. i love horses. and almost as much as horses i have a big thing for dogs.

i'm pretty excited to photograph a horse to be honest... but there aren't many around here, so i will start with canines :)

this is beautiful stella, our good friend's lovely girl. she is so loyal, obedient and sweet it is crazy. i grabbed these shots of her here in the back of the truck quietly waiting for her master to return.


one of my goals for this year is to get more sleep. simple but not so simple. the least i can do is get to bed early so i've set a new bedtime curfew of 10pm.. this is not easy as 8.30pm is when my tiny smidgen of 'me' time begins and it's pretty hard to cut it short at 10pm, but i do feel the benefit for making sure i get a few more winks. anyhoo, this means keeping up the blog and pictures every day is harder but i aim to post as much as possible still, just forgive me if it's not every day for a while.. until this teething small person is sleeping through.

i've also been trying to get more exercise in my life again, it's good not only for the body but my sanity! it's pretty difficult with two littles around 24/7 but i've had some successful runs with the stroller and can keep roo happy in there for approx 40min without too much complaining and benji can last long enough before needing a feed if i time it all right... and we don't have any flat tires.. or poop catastrophies. the area where i run (on the trails of course) happens to have a great coffee shop right where we park so we love to go there after being out and then we usually hit the playground and park just round the corner.

these are some pics from a couple of days ago when we had ended up back at the park after being on the trails and sipping our hot drinks. benji fell asleep in the swing so i got an opportunity to take a few shots with two hands rather than trying to take pictures with him in one arm and the camera in the other! (all good practice i'm sure). it's been lovely and sunny so that means even if it's cold we can play outside all morning, the rain makes this a lot more difficult so i will choose to ignore the weather forecast after tuesday!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


teething.. ugh.. how quickly i  forgot this part of babyhood!

i'm sure four and a half month old benji isn't any worse of a teether than roo was, but these days (apart from when he's napping) my previously pretty easy going little babe is super duper cranky i.e. screaming his lungs out.. unless i'm holding him.. or nursing him.. making it seriously hard to get anything at all done around here!!

but it's OK.. i just have to be cool with a messier, more disorganized home life for now (argh so hard) and be content snuggling my little teethasaurus and sitting playing with roo in the midst of it.

thank goodness he's super cute (and thank goodness for tylenol.. and maybe amber necklaces)