Monday, January 21, 2013


one of my goals for this year is to get more sleep. simple but not so simple. the least i can do is get to bed early so i've set a new bedtime curfew of 10pm.. this is not easy as 8.30pm is when my tiny smidgen of 'me' time begins and it's pretty hard to cut it short at 10pm, but i do feel the benefit for making sure i get a few more winks. anyhoo, this means keeping up the blog and pictures every day is harder but i aim to post as much as possible still, just forgive me if it's not every day for a while.. until this teething small person is sleeping through.

i've also been trying to get more exercise in my life again, it's good not only for the body but my sanity! it's pretty difficult with two littles around 24/7 but i've had some successful runs with the stroller and can keep roo happy in there for approx 40min without too much complaining and benji can last long enough before needing a feed if i time it all right... and we don't have any flat tires.. or poop catastrophies. the area where i run (on the trails of course) happens to have a great coffee shop right where we park so we love to go there after being out and then we usually hit the playground and park just round the corner.

these are some pics from a couple of days ago when we had ended up back at the park after being on the trails and sipping our hot drinks. benji fell asleep in the swing so i got an opportunity to take a few shots with two hands rather than trying to take pictures with him in one arm and the camera in the other! (all good practice i'm sure). it's been lovely and sunny so that means even if it's cold we can play outside all morning, the rain makes this a lot more difficult so i will choose to ignore the weather forecast after tuesday!

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