Wednesday, February 27, 2013


at the weekend we took a little trip up to the mountains and to the snowy sunshine valley to spend some chill time with friends in a little cozy cabin. as i may have mentioned before... chill time with little kiddos is not actually possible.. but we did try our best and it was great to get away to a winter wonderland for a few days.

i took a lot of pics. so i decided to split them up into two, maybe three posts..

here's the first.. this was what the girls got up to on a small snowy adventure with the little rascals (while the hubbys were out back-country skiing)... sledging, lots of snow eating, an attempt at making a snowman.. and trying to get back in one piece.

 attempt to bring mr snowman home with us...

Saturday, February 16, 2013


so as of wednesday little 5.5 month old benji a.k.a. peanut brown, can sit up by himself!

this has opened up a new world to him and where previously he would get fussy within minutes of putting him down on his playmat he now last a lot longer.. he loves to sit there grabbing stuff and watching his brother play so i am welcoming this new phase, which will hopefully mean i have chance to wash the dishes once in a while ha!

the following pics were after he'd toppled over and we kept shooting...

Friday, February 15, 2013


we took cedar down to a dog park earlier this week, we don't go here very often as i prefer to go on a walk, but sometimes it's just what we have to do if the day is busy.

this dog park is right by the water and roo really likes looking at all the boats and harbourside machinery type structures, he does not on the other hand like all the dogs.. especially the little ones as without fail they will jump up at him and he's just the right height to get a stinkin' dog lick in the face, the big ones are better but he's in danger of being bowled over by them if things get raucous.

this day it was actually fairly quiet, although roo did fall over in the mud.. he was pretty sad, but then i managed to make him laugh, see pic below!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


it was british columbia's first ever 'family day' yesterday which = a holiday! whoo! 
we had a lazy day in general.. not that you can ever really call it a lazy day with a toddler and baby around!? i guess what i actually mean is that we didn't do much exciting haha. 
we went out for a late bite of breakfast and coffee then took a drive out to porteau cove in the van to soak in the atmosphere of the moody misty howe sound. roo loves going for a drive in 'van', he seems to be a natural little traveler... which might make sense after all the places he has traveled to already in his little life.

these are a few of my fave shots from the day.

love the fam!