Tuesday, March 5, 2013


if you've followed this blog for even a short length of time you've most likely got the idea by now that we like to get outside.. a lot.. so apologies if this theme is repetitive by now... but it's just how we roll :)

since beginning to take my photography more seriously, i am noticing just how much i really adore the colours here on a sunny day at this time of year. the trees, the sky, the stones, the trail.. the light in this season reveals them all differently than a sunny day in summer. they all have such a chalky mountainy fresh something about them (sorry that's the best description i can come up with!) that i can't get enough of!

i love that i get to capture my little adventurer exploring in this beauty.

pics of a walk we took from our house at the weekend... he's a good little hiker!

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