Tuesday, April 30, 2013


time for our may (may?! how did that happen!) 'life inspired' post hosted by Beyond the Wanderlust!

this day was documented at the weekend... a typical stroll in the forest where roo starts off hiking like a trooper and ends up on daddy's shoulders haha. i'm realizing more and more how much i love shooting in the forest and the 'outdoors', maybe because that's where i tend to be a lot!

...after some breakfast we headed to the park. roo is getting the hang of his balance bike now and absolutely loves riding with his dad, it's extremely cute. they did a few laps of the rather large park and we were joined by roo's ladies - our friends girls olivia and maya. aren't they gorgeous?!! i could honestly photograph them all day long! lots of swinging went down and benji picked his mama some daises awe :)  

the last picture.. well that wasn't actually taken on the same day but it is roo enjoying our garden ('yard' to you north americans) now we've been having a bit of sunny, dry weather.

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Monday, April 29, 2013


aah.. they're back... chill, peaceful, beautiful, warm and sunny squamish days with friends and family.

i'm in love with taking pictures of the beautiful rock, trees and sky here.. and the littles having a blast in the midst of it all.

kids in the outdoors having mini adventures and getting dirty.. that's where it's at.

so yes, i had a lot of fun taking pictures this day.. but i do need to also get my butt back into gear and get some climbing done myself.. not that i'm a huge fan, but i like to have a go and wasn't too bad in my former prime.. too many seasons off bearing children! :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013


roo got a very special treat for a recent potty achievement.. a little set of wooden trucks to build. needless to say he was super excited about them.. and was even more SUPER excited and enthusiastic to build them with his dad...hopefully remembers what he did to receive this special potty treat!!


Friday, April 19, 2013


earlier this week, roo, benji and i decided to visit the local rural farm within the city. we hadn't been for a while and i was kinda getting concerned roo wasn't really sure what sheep, cows, pigs etc actually are, you just don't see them around here in north vancouver like you will driving around pretty much anywhere in the UK.

it was a perfect spring morning for being down on the farm and i think now roo is two.. getting on for three really, he got a lot out of going this time... he even recognized the hereford cows as being herefords thanks to this book (so there is hope!).

however, being the engineer type.. he was much more interested in the tractors, foot pedals for the wash stations and hose pipe things and screws, fire extinguishers and general machinery... i love love love his passionate obsession for this stuff! it's so amazing how naturally he just knows and wants so badly to take things apart and figure out how stuff works.

it was a really fun time.. i think benji boy enjoyed it too... maybe he was more interested in the animals... we will go again soon.. and more regularly i think.