Tuesday, April 30, 2013


time for our may (may?! how did that happen!) 'life inspired' post hosted by Beyond the Wanderlust!

this day was documented at the weekend... a typical stroll in the forest where roo starts off hiking like a trooper and ends up on daddy's shoulders haha. i'm realizing more and more how much i love shooting in the forest and the 'outdoors', maybe because that's where i tend to be a lot!

...after some breakfast we headed to the park. roo is getting the hang of his balance bike now and absolutely loves riding with his dad, it's extremely cute. they did a few laps of the rather large park and we were joined by roo's ladies - our friends girls olivia and maya. aren't they gorgeous?!! i could honestly photograph them all day long! lots of swinging went down and benji picked his mama some daises awe :)  

the last picture.. well that wasn't actually taken on the same day but it is roo enjoying our garden ('yard' to you north americans) now we've been having a bit of sunny, dry weather.

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