Friday, May 3, 2013


wow. earlier in the week it was the trike and yesterday roo seems to have a had major breakthrough on the run bike. he's got the hang of balancing and gliding with his feet off the floor now and is loving it! nice change from taking it out and me ending up carrying it ha!

he's not super proficient at stopping yet though, so when he took off down a hill (smallish but steep) i was slightly nervous and he just kept getting faster and faster.. and bailed.. but he was fine, and it didn't put him off thank goodness.

there was a great little path here that he rode up and down for quite a while and we also checked out the dam (awesome but always freaks me out a little bit looking over the edge). after the dam we went into the village and he even rode it to the library, coffee shop and autoplan. i'm hoping he will start riding along next to the stroller soon on a longer walk so i don't have to bribe him to stay in the stroller :)


  1. Such a star!Will be overtaking his Dad (if that's possible!).