Thursday, June 20, 2013


 'striding' recently got a whole lot more fun when roo's best friend got an early birthday present.. a sparkly green strider!

we are really pleased with the strider balance bike, both roo and olivia are loving riding them and it's amazing to see their balance and co-ordination improve all the time. the bikes are super light too so when roo gets tired it's no problem to hang it over the handle of my stroller or even carry it! i am now seriously looking into picking up a bike for myself! it's totally given me the urge to go biking and remember how fun it is!! keep posted for developments on this and baby benji in a bike trailer!

this is the first time roo and liv went for a ride-out together a week or two ago at ambleside... and bumped into mr parrot! kinda random but cool!

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