Monday, June 17, 2013


i'm only just getting round to posting these pics from our okanagan weekend... such is life with a nine month and almost three year old..!

we had a fun time doing camp-life with friends, a spot of climbing/hiking and a lot of biking (striding)! the trip was a good test for our van prior to leaving for the 'big' roadtrip later this week.. we had been a little worried about how long distance driving was going to go with benji as.. how can i put it... he has a very very good set of lungs on him.. but he was amazing! the trip out there from vancouver is around 5 hours and he did so well, no crying at all on the way there and just a little towards the end on the return journey.

our campsite was amazing, we had a lovely spot was right by the lake, super peaceful (until we got there ha). most campgrounds in the okanagan are so expensive during high season but june is still off-season so the prices were a little more reasonable, we decided an early june okanagan trip might have to turn into a yearly tradition.

so the van is currently in the shop having it's roof sawn off and the transformation into pop-top camper will be complete by this thursday... all going well!

some of these pics are from my iphone, the rest are with the 'real camera' as usual. i don't feel like i took enough pics.. again, such is life with a nine month and almost three year old..!

i think cedar had a great birthday by the way.. most of it spent lounging in the sun ha.

taken out of the window on the journey there. 

 cedar approves of the campspot




home-time cedar!

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