Monday, August 26, 2013


a favourite place to visit with gran is deep cove.

when we turned up yesterday morning we were wondering why it was harder than usual to find parking and then we figured out that the annual 'deep cove daze' festival was about to kick off! 

it ended up being pretty fun, especially for roo - check out his serious fairground ride face.. i wasn't sure but it turned out he was really loving it ha! spencer bear had to come everywhere with roo today (really cute) and he was really concerned that his lovely red balloon might fly away (but we managed not to lose it thank goodness).

..and some cool market stalls to browse too.. a few new finds were some funky vancouver inspired screen prints by kt&paul and awesome home items from delish general store. we also came across a new organic restaurant called the village table that i would love to check out one of these days.

deep cove has got to be one of the most flippin prettiest places.

 tomorrow.. my littlest li'l baby turns ONE! x

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