Saturday, August 24, 2013


although it was looking a little rainy last sunday, we stuck to our plan to head up to squamish with some of our lovely fellow british friends in the hope of doing some rock climbing and catching up on life.

to begin with, the rock climbing part really was looking dubious, so we sat around in the car for a while to see if it would clear up.. after a while it did (a little) so we decided to go hike around and see what we could find i.e. any dry rock to climb!

...we ended up at friendly old family wall, an favourite of mine.

we brought a harness and shoes for roo with us.. which he had not previously used. we are sharing them with roo's best buddy and this was his first try! we didn't put any pressure on him and he had a great time! he did so well and was super pleased with himself.. and i was extremely proud of him too! i'm sure i am going to be one of those embarrassing moms when he's older haha :)

 we look like the blue crew... i was wearing a blue shirt too!

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