Thursday, September 19, 2013


we had the privilege of attending our friend's beautiful wedding last weekend at edgewater lodge in whistler... and truly beautiful it was with the backdrop of green lake, whistler and blackcomb mountains (and many more i don't know the names of) and lots of blue sky and september sunshine.

the couple planned to do their photo shoot before the actual ceremony, which meant the first time erik saw his bride was when they met in the grounds of the lodge to drive off to the shoot location.. we were very excited to unexpectedly witness this amazing moment! yes, i had a tear or two in my eye :)

by the time of the ceremony (3pm) our little roo was badly needing a nap but was fighting it and acting up a little (poor boy had been stung by wasps twice that morning! TWICE!)... he managed to fall off his chair right before the ceremony started and so i had to swiftly escort him away out of ear shot..yikes.  i managed to get a few pics from afar... hopefully they show how beautiful it was. after the ceremony we got roo napping in the stroller (for about three hours i think!) he woke up in a much happier mood... right in time for dinner and music. benji had a lot of fun (he had his long nap before everything started ha) and especially enjoyed flirting with all the ladies.

congratulations erik and tara
thank you so much for inviting us to share your beautiful day 

right before he turned around to see his bride! eek loved sharing this moment!! :D

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