Wednesday, September 25, 2013


just getting round to posting these pics of our trip last month on the rocky mountaineer train up to whistler!

this was so super exciting... i've seen the rocky mountaineer go by a number of times through west vancouver and thought to ride it would be something special. gran had heard from a lady on her flight in that it was a fantastic experience, so we decided to go for it!

we had to be at the station in north vancouver for 7am.. gran and i were not actually sure we could pull this off with baby, toddler and all the paraphernalia that comes along with them.. but we got as organized as possible the night before and by some miracle we got there in good time!

we were a bit sad that it was actually a quite rainy day and so our visibility of the beautiful views wasn't going to be great. but it was super fun anyway and we saw lots of amazingness following up the howe sound and then meandering alongside the river all the way up to whistler. roo and i got chatting to an older gentleman travelling alone who revealed it was his 90th birthday. great way to celebrate!

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