Monday, October 28, 2013


roo loves his tools.
i love him.
..the tree that lives at the back of our house
..and the shadow it casts on his wall as the sun rises in the morning :)

Friday, October 25, 2013


ok who thought fog would be perfect conditions to take pictures in?! well turns out it is! 

this was yesterday, we were in west van and wanted to check out the new adventure playground that is by the sea wall.. as we drove down to sea level from bright sunshine we hit the misty fog again (it's still lingering around) and because i had my camera i was stoked rather than disappointed ha!

you can hear the fog horns of the ships and boats all the time and occasionally see a silhouette of them. when you know that there`s usually quite a few out there (huge ones too) it`s quite amazing they don`t crash into each other really.

i didn`t actually take many pics of the playground, but it is awesome, we will be back to that one soon!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


just a few snaps on our ride home from a park playdate with friends yesterday!

don't worry, roo did have a helmet on, he was just about to get into the stroller and i had to take a pic of that golden sunlight in his hair :D

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


sometimes, when hubby has worked a weekend day we go up to squamish on a monday with our friends joe and heidi and their two littles elizabeth and josiah. 

monday this week was one of those days and we were blessed with a super sunny day in squamish, while vancouver was still shrouded in mist courtesy of the inversion. we literally popped out of the fog at squamish into brilliant sunshine.

i so much love how roo is at the age where he is really starting to use his imagination in game playing and comes up with all kinds of creative little adventures in the outdoors. so fun. he and little not even two year old josiah had fun doing a bit of rock climbing with their daddies too!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


i decided we should go pumpkin patch hunting this misty morning and came across one advertised at loutet farm right here in north vancouver, i didn't even know this farm existed but turns out it is pretty awesome... they run a project called the edible garden.. such a great concept!

they also had a real pumpkin patch (as opposed to a bunch of pumpkins being plonked in a car park etc) however, by the time we got to the patch most of the pumpkins were already gone! roo managed to find a littun though :)

they had the best band too, gogo bonkers... agriculture inspired lyrics! free kids songs here