Monday, November 25, 2013


we often like to visit the shipyards down by the quay, it's a really cool place and it's right by daddy's work.
this day last week we were hanging out here waiting for our car to get the snow tires put on. 
we had the privilege of seeing two pairs of bald eagles sitting on opposite cranes.. and then they all took off together.. so amazing!

 eagle pair #1

 eagle pair #2


Sunday, November 24, 2013


just some jumping around on the sofa and a plant on the wall :)

this little guy looking a little sicko.. he's on the mend though. and yep that's a christmas tree behind him... which we actually put up last weekend.. i think that's definitely the earliest christmas has ever started for me!!


Monday, November 18, 2013


i got my 'grown up' camera a year ago this month and i think these are some of my favourite photos to date...
just a short walk to the park from our house and some brotherly boy fun. 

Friday, November 15, 2013


last weekend we packed up the van and took off on a little camping trip to the sunshine coast with our besties the williamsons.. who were 'glamping' on this particular trip with a 20ft trailer named "the rustler" :)

it's november so lets be honest, it was chilly.. and actually rainy the day we arrived brrr (sunny thereafter) but the guys built a major fire and we got to warm up in the super toasty rustler too. we had a lot of fun in a beautiful spot at porpoise bay. the kids loved playing on the beach and riding their bikes. we camped pretty close the beach at a great campsite which was pretty deserted at this time of year but we kinda like it that way i think! partly because it was free too!

we saw a beautiful sundown and sunrise over the bay.. (our kids are still adjusting to the time change.. 6am starts are not great when camping, but you do get to witness the miracle that is the sunrise :) and dan and ol got some mountain biking in too.. particular highlight was surprise belated birthday pie (rhubarb & strawberry) and cigars on the beach under the stars with some of my favorite people :) (yes, cigars ha)

roo is such a happy camper and he's asked me every day since we got home when we're going camping again.. i think this trip was especially fun for him as we got to ride on the ferry too to get there. benji too seems to love being out camping.. i'm looking forward to some road tripping with them next spring.

 whale spotting on the ferry crossing

 clutching morning coffee cups :)

 mary and lil maya, love them.

 best buddies off on a little bike adventure...

thanks mary for these pics of me with ma boys...

stunning sundown over the bay..

thankful for this fire :)

...and the equally stunning sunrise.