Friday, November 1, 2013


so i'm not a huge fan of halloween..

but.. in the end, we couldn't resist putting the boys in cute costumes and letting them have some fun with their friends.. and lots of fun they had!! roo is apparently a natural 'trick or treater' (but he won't be eating all of the 'candy' ha!) i explained to him that it would not make him grow big and strong and he could trade it in for something else (cranky the crane) ...he thought that was a good idea.. but he seems to have actually forgotten about the candy and cranky the crane today anyway.. i'm sure he'll remember at some point :)

we also hung out with our friends amy and kyle, and their new little person.. baby ewok skye! i've met her three times now and i think she might be the perfect baby. amy is amazing and somehow managed to sew these three star wars costumes, what a cute little family hey!

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