Monday, December 2, 2013


ok, first of all i will just kindly ask you to ignore the smeary finger printed windows.. honestly i don't have time to clean them every day.. but even if i did they would only be clean for a few hours at most anyway.. it's just a stage.. it's just a stage (repeat all day) at some point i know i will miss their little hand prints everywhere so i have decided i will embrace the dirty windows for now. thank you :)

these super awesome cardigans arrived for the boys at the weekend, a handmade gift from their great grandma, it's so impressive she knitted them herself. i love them so much..aren't they the coolest!

ol is in the yard here in the process of building a larger sleeping platform for our camper van.. it's all done now and i can't wait to test it (no more benji falling off the edge) amazing how handy husband is these days now we have a bit more home space :)

happy december!

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