Tuesday, January 7, 2014


for the last two new year's celebrations instead of staying up late we have risen early to watch the sunrise at a perfect lookout point halfway up cypress mountain.
this year, as we were in the mood for a little trip, we were looking for recommendations for another great sunrise viewing spot in washington. a friend told us that he was thinking about heading to dungeness spit, a wildlife refuge on the olympic peninsula (read more about it here) and we thought that would be perfect! we rolled up there dec 31 afternoon, set up camp, hooked up with paul & angie and got our campfire going (and enjoyed some amazing mulled wine made by angie)
the boys woke up around 6am as usual so we had plenty of time to get onto the spit which was a 15ish minute walk.. quite fun in the dark through the forest!
ol was fully prepped with everything we needed for a steaming cup of coffee while we witnessed the glorious sunrise to start the new year... the glorious sunrise however didn't turn up.. it was too overcast :( but it was not raining so that was just fine with me!
it was still a stunning place to visit and special to be there for the dawn of 2014 (not sure we'll be there again next jan 1 though!)

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