Friday, February 28, 2014


the kidlets have been a little sick this week.. such a shame a trip to our doctor means we also get to hang out at this pretty place :)


is not that easy! we should have picked up some of these already!
this was a couple of days ago.. and now most of this snow is gone.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


 lots of snow around here this weekend!
and apparantly it tastes delicious :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

3.5 ROO

this guy.. in the blink of an eye my baby first born is three and a half.

the following information may not mean a whole bunch to most people but i wanted to note down a few things about roo as he is right now.. so in no particular order, some random roo observations...

he asks all the time "what does that begin with?" and also asks/demands me to read every sign we come across, even better if it is a map type sign. LOVES maps.
mixes together 'also' and 'as well' and says for example "all so well can i..."
likes to play 'david and goliath' complete with sling fashioned out of a dressing gown rope or something more dangerous usually.
also loves playing 'i got you' were daddy chases him and then a wrestling match begins and they take turns saying i got yooo! no i got yooo! no i got yooo!.. the same kind of game happens when he's riding his bike only it is 'i'm going to beat you!' this also works when i'm trying to get him to go pee.. i just say i'm going to beat yoo (to the toilet) and he's up there like a shot.
he will hug benji and i and say "i love you my best grandchildren".. totally cracks me up, i realised he picked this up from fireman sam.
other picked up words/phrases used in funny contexts are.. "to be honest", "potentially", "actually" (i'm sure there are more!)
often says "i'm not actually listening to you mommy" when he doesn't want to do something..
he is completely and utterly deaf when watching tv
he has amazing hair and is daily mistaken for a girl due to that fact
he can do "skids like daddy" on his bike
he loves coffee shops, the library and playgroup
he can order mommy an 'americano misto' at the coffee shop
he eats approx three apples per day
he loves dancing and can spin around for a l o n g time without getting dizzy

i could go on.. but that is all for now :)

Friday, February 21, 2014


we were over in kits yesterday to visit a friend's brand new baby boy.. oh my what an adorable little guy... 
we didn't stay too long as my two boys hurricaneing through a new mom's home is not the kindest gift to her!
we headed to kits beach on the way home and had some fun playing in the sand, such a beautiful day!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Roo has really wanted to go down this trail for a while but as it is not strollerable and i wasn't quite sure he'd make it the whole way so we had to wait for daddy to come in case both of them needed carrying!! 
he actually did extremely well and i only had to piggyback him up the last set of stairs and then he got on daddy's shoulders (see here) .