Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BENJI 1.11

my little happy, bouncing, screaming, laughing, jumping bundle of almost 2 year old.
a few things that come to mind about him right now...

he calls his brother Rooby and loves him a lot.. and also fights with him quite a lot.
he is fully proficient on a balance bike and loves going for bike rides, he still loves jumping off everything, people comment on how co-ordinated he is a lot.
he loves pussy cats and asks me to draw them all the time.
he is talking a lot and also asking what things mean.. e.g.  pussy cat mean mommy?
he makes 'poop sounds' and likes to announce them
he recently pooped in the big toilet.. the next evening he pooped in the bath
he says sweetly 'sorry mommy' whenever he does something he thinks i wouldn't like (like when he head butts me in the mouth)... he also says sorry mommy when he should be saying, but is refusing to say 'sorry rooby'...
he is still quite interested in clothes and shoes and often likes to pick out what he wears, often roo's clothes that are too big for him.
he goes crazy for apples like his brother.. but chews his bite for a while then kindly spits it out.. usually in my hand on on the floor (not sure which is better)
he loves playdoh.. and also makes me create pussy cats out of it.
his hair is coming along nicely (see pics below)
we just weaned him and he's doing OK but having a little bit of a tough time falling asleep.. hoping this passes soon :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


just when we thought we knew every water park on the north shore we discovered a new one (to us)
and added bonus, it's actually quite close to our home!
summer days look a lot like this..

Friday, July 4, 2014


just some slightly crazy playground antics yesterday afternoon with master parrot and giraffe...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


love his brrrrrrmmmm lips/face and bed hair.. this guy is going to turn four in approx 25 days.. yikes!


hello there blog.. life is crazy and often keeping on top of the practical things.. and sleep takes precedence, thus leaving poor old blog neglected a little.. 

so.. here we are back in may when the boys and i were in england. my grandma turned 90 while we were there and it was really special to share the day with her and for her spend some time with roo and benji.

she doesn't look 90 right?! hope those genes are passed on to me!