Saturday, December 27, 2014


today benj is 2 years and 4 months old. i've probably said this before but this guy is such a character, i knew he would be from quite an early age, he's trouble, but very sweet and loving at the same time. here are a few observations about him going into 2015.

- he has got his possessive pronouns a little bit mixed up and says "that's mine's xxxx" and "i'ms doing xxxx" and "us are xxxx" i'm not going to correct him as i think it's hilarious and adorable!
- he sometimes says the first word of his sentence about 10-20 times.. also adorable..
- he loves singing and dancing a lot and had the best time at roo's pre-school concert (somehow knew all the words to the songs)
- he sometimes cries because he wants to stay at pre-school when we drop roo off.. i usually resort to bribery to get him out.
- he loves to hide behind his hands or screw his eyes closed super tight and then shout "surprise!'.. not such a great idea if he's attempting his surprise whilst walking down the stairs.. :/
- if you say to him something like "benji you're so cute!" he'll say "no! you're so cute!" as if you're insulting him.. it's extremely funny.
- he's going to bed and to sleep with much less "help" now (although i almost take this back after this evening's performance!).. he does still come in for a snuggle sometime around 1am but i don't mind that.
- when i've put him to bed and he doesn't want me to go, he keeps on saying that he needs to tell me "suming" but then when i say "ok what is it?" he just says "err err err err err... "and doesn't actually have anything to tell me haha
- he's on his way to being potty trained.. he has kind of been training himself as i am not ready to commit to it yet.. but maybe i will in january and get it done :)
- he loves playing with his brother.. i'm not sure if he's at the imaginative play stage yet but he definitely joins in with his brothers games.. i think their favorites are den/hideout and hiding from me (the monster) and screeching at the top of their voices (it's lovely), lego and general wrestling (especially naked wrestling).. (which i try to ignore as long as they aren't wrecking something important)..
- he's reached the point where he's not too concerned when i leave him at a group or with a babysitter which is pretty great.
- he usually reads books upside down
- i think his favorite toy is the train tracks but instead of the trains he likes driving his hot wheels cars on the tracks.
- in the last 5 months he's become pretty amazing on his strider bike, his fave trick is doing multiple little hops, he can also ride the big bumps bike park.



my little precious roo is 4 years and 5 months old today! ah my sweet sensitive guy he's also confident, tough and strong as a rugby player. here's a few recent observations..

- this week he started giving benji quizzes in the back of the car which was pretty hilarious.. both his questions and benji's answers
- he makes up songs and benji joins in, very cute and funny. this week's was "i'm gonna dance, dance, dance in my pants" ...he's very interested in music and has had a few successful keyboard lessons with daddy.
- as you can see i decided to grow out his fringe.. not fully sure how it's going to turn out, but definitely at the awkward stage right now...
- he's been going to a great pre-school since september and really loves it a lot. we went to his christmas concert and he did some very fabulous singing.
- he still loves maps and flags and signs.. and castles and pirates..
- he now has a good collection of tiny lego and can spend a long time building his own creations. he's also pretty impressive at following the instructions. 
- he's showing a lot of interest in letters and numbers and can recognize most letters now and spell out a few things
- he's pretty patient with his little brother although gets pretty mad with him sometimes too.. and sometimes i feel like i don't blame him!
- he loves camping and going on little adventures in the forest.
- he has a wonderful imagination and i love watching and listening to his games.
- he's still a great sleeper.. but also still comes in for a snuggle during the night.. i don't mind but i do mind when he demands i wake up in the morning!
- he is still completely deaf when watching tv.. but extremely not deaf when he needs the next program to be switched on.
- he still eats approx three apples per day.
- he's a good helper and enjoys carrying grocery bags, putting the recycling out and 'helping' in the kitchen.
- he really enjoys playing with his brother and i've noticed he kind of misses him if he's having a nap.
- their favorite thing at the moment is hiding and jumping out to say "SURPRISE!!" usually we do it to each other in the morning and when coming up or down the stairs.

..i'm planning to do a little re-cap of the boys maybe once a month in 2015, it's so easy to forget little 'isms when these little ones change so quickly! 



hope you had a wonderful one

christmas morning was delightful over here watching the boys get so excited with their gifts and build new lego with daddy
we made cinnamon buns.. and ate them all day, enjoyed family skype time, wore plaid shirts and christmas jumpers and had a little adventure to the creek (now christened 'christmas creek')
OH and did i mention lots of playing with lego :)

joy to the world

Thursday, December 18, 2014


on tuesday evening this little treasure was welcomed in our world after the loong flight from south africa with his incredible new family.
i can't begin to describe how emotional his arrival was for friends and family and i was so so honored to be there.

really can't wait to get to know you XD! 

and then...