Saturday, December 27, 2014


today benj is 2 years and 4 months old. i've probably said this before but this guy is such a character, i knew he would be from quite an early age, he's trouble, but very sweet and loving at the same time. here are a few observations about him going into 2015.

- he has got his possessive pronouns a little bit mixed up and says "that's mine's xxxx" and "i'ms doing xxxx" and "us are xxxx" i'm not going to correct him as i think it's hilarious and adorable!
- he sometimes says the first word of his sentence about 10-20 times.. also adorable..
- he loves singing and dancing a lot and had the best time at roo's pre-school concert (somehow knew all the words to the songs)
- he sometimes cries because he wants to stay at pre-school when we drop roo off.. i usually resort to bribery to get him out.
- he loves to hide behind his hands or screw his eyes closed super tight and then shout "surprise!'.. not such a great idea if he's attempting his surprise whilst walking down the stairs.. :/
- if you say to him something like "benji you're so cute!" he'll say "no! you're so cute!" as if you're insulting him.. it's extremely funny.
- he's going to bed and to sleep with much less "help" now (although i almost take this back after this evening's performance!).. he does still come in for a snuggle sometime around 1am but i don't mind that.
- when i've put him to bed and he doesn't want me to go, he keeps on saying that he needs to tell me "suming" but then when i say "ok what is it?" he just says "err err err err err... "and doesn't actually have anything to tell me haha
- he's on his way to being potty trained.. he has kind of been training himself as i am not ready to commit to it yet.. but maybe i will in january and get it done :)
- he loves playing with his brother.. i'm not sure if he's at the imaginative play stage yet but he definitely joins in with his brothers games.. i think their favorites are den/hideout and hiding from me (the monster) and screeching at the top of their voices (it's lovely), lego and general wrestling (especially naked wrestling).. (which i try to ignore as long as they aren't wrecking something important)..
- he's reached the point where he's not too concerned when i leave him at a group or with a babysitter which is pretty great.
- he usually reads books upside down
- i think his favorite toy is the train tracks but instead of the trains he likes driving his hot wheels cars on the tracks.
- in the last 5 months he's become pretty amazing on his strider bike, his fave trick is doing multiple little hops, he can also ride the big bumps bike park.


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